Tumbatrek Main Image

By Kristy McBain

14 February 2022

I had the pleasure of joining with locals and visitors alike to take part in the Tumbatrek, a bush walk experience through the magnificent landscape around Tumbarumba. This year's walk followed a route that highlighted some of its most iconic assets, including the development of the Snowview Estate, the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail, local mountain bike tracks and the Hyne timber mill. It took in around 16 kilometres. This iconic annual event provides an informal opportunity for community and government leaders to discuss issues whilst experiencing the best of the landscape around us.

At this year's event, I was joined by local state members Dr Joe McGirr and Justin Clancy, along with Snowy Valleys' mayor and councillors. I enjoyed being able to have conversations with those from the Tumbarumba rotary, the Tumut Art Society, the Tumba cycle association, Snowy Hydro, the Hyne timber mill and other local businesses and community advocates.

Tumbatrek was the brain child of Tim Fischer, a former deputy prime minister who, in 1985, along with a few keen locals, wanted to promote tourism in the Tumbarumba region. It went into a short recess in 2007 before it was resurrected by the member for Riverina. As the member for Eden-Monaro, I have the honour of holding Mr Fischer's bushwalking stick, and the legacy that he leaves for this community and the ideals behind it are not lost on anyone. I look forward to, hopefully, the return of the dinner event next year, which was cancelled this year due to COVID. I say a big thankyou to Kayley and the Snowy Valley Council for arranging the event. Although a little sore, my husband and I are looking forward to next year's event.