Please Mr Prime Minister, before the day is out act on aged care

Please Mr Prime Minister, before the day is out act on aged care Main Image

26 February 2021

Growing older brings new opportunities and joy – at least that’s what we all hope for – whether for ourselves or our loved ones.

But Australia’s aged care sector is in crisis.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care has highlighted the current failings in the system; the day-to-day reality for the hundreds of thousands of older Australians has been laid bare for all to see. And it is shocking.

The Royal Commission has shone a light on the despair, neglect and isolation felt by many in our community.

Today’s release of the Royal Commission’s final report must galvanise our consciousness and the need for action and reform like never before.

As the report deepens the conversation and policy discussion, it must also spur the Morrison Government into action.

The latest population trends suggest 55% of Australian women and 38% of Australian men will end up in permanent residential aged care.

So, while you might instinctively want to look away from some of the images and stories we’ve seen, the truth is aged care is something most of us will need to consider at some point – whether for ourselves or our parents.

My deep conviction is that when and if you face those choices, you will have better options and more confidence in the system than we have today.

It’s critical that those currently working in aged care don’t feel any blame from the conversations that flow from this.

My mum was an aged care worker for 15 years. Kaye and her colleagues provided the best, most professional care – despite the system.

I want to thank the RNs, ENs, AINs, doctors, therapists, carers, cleaners, wardsmen, cooks and admin staff who work tirelessly to care for our loved ones despite this broken, shattered system.

240,000 Australians are currently in residential aged care – including more than 6,000 younger Australians with a disability.

In 2020, there were almost 100,000 older Australians waiting for home care packages.

More than 1,100 people are currently waiting in the Eden-Monaro region alone – up from 608 in the previous reporting period.

The Prime Minister was Treasurer when this government cut aged care funding by $1.7 billion – his hands are all over the crisis we now face.

Not to mention the 21 major reports into aged care this government has received over the last eight years in office.

This is the moment; the Morrison Government cannot afford to add one more day to its inaction.

Please Mr Prime Minister, before the day is out give Australians the confidence we all so desperately need when it comes to our loved ones in aged care.


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