Building a skate park for Merimbula

Building a skate park for Merimbula Main Image

13 April 2022

A future Labor Government will invest $500,000 to rebuild the Merimbula Skate Park.

The Merimbula community has been calling for a new skate park for years now.

The Merimbula Skate Park has significantly deteriorated over recent years, to the point that it is barely used by the local skating community.

The Sapphire Coast Skatepark Association has gained huge community support for the project with local businesses, community groups and the chamber of commerce backing the proposal. The Skatepark Association also recently raised $20,000 to pay for a concept design to make sure they are ready to go as soon as the funds become available.  

Skating is a growing sport in the region, more kids including young girls are skateboarding, roller skating or using scooters and bikes, but the local facilities are not keeping pace with the needs of the community.

With Skateboarding now an Olympic Sport I have no doubt that more local kids will be eager to develop their skills, but they need a modern local skatepark to do this.

Skateparks are also great meeting places for people of all ages. They teach kids how to interact with children younger than them as well as with adults. They are also incredibly important for encouraging kids and adults to get outside, meet up with friends and build connections with their communities.

The commitment will see the $500,000 provided to the Bega Valley Shire Council and the Sapphire Coast Skatepark Association. The best location of the new skatepark will be decided by council in consultation with the local community.